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Version: (CPU build (Intel CPU: Pentium 4 at 3.06 GHz) DirectX Color Libraries {#Sec12} ---------------------- DirectX is a set of API's used to provide functions to the developer which aid in manipulating the graphics settings of a DirectX program. These API's can be found under the d3dx in the SDK. The DXColor Library is used to manipulate the color settings of the graphics pipeline in a DirectX program. This library is provided in the DirectX SDK with a form of installation that allows the library to be built as a dynamic link library and copied to the main program directory, and is capable of being incorporated into a new program by selecting the library from the use tab in the properties of the d3dx.h in the project. There are two versions of this library, the standard version, which is always a static link library. The portable version is a dynamic link library, and can be incorporated into a new application by modifying the input line in the library application's build properties. Both versions of the library contain the same functionality, but the standard version uses a global variable to hold the pointer to the d3dx library. The portable version uses the d3dx library to load itself. The DirectX SDK files contain the source code of the standard version of the d3dx.lib library and the d3dx9.lib library. Both of these libraries are a *Static Link Library* which means that the linker has to place the d3dx.lib file in the *Output directory* with the program executable. This is done by the linker using the *--output* parameter. If an application is not recompiled for a new hardware configuration, the application will not link to the d3dx.lib file. If an application is recompiled for a new hardware configuration, the linker will look to see if the d3dx.lib file is present, and if not, the linker will then look to see if a version of d3dx.lib was previously created in the output directory. If a previous version of the library exists, the linker will then search for a newer version of the library in the same directory as the previous version of the library. If the linker cannot find a newer version of the library in the directory it will search, it will then search the SDK for the standard version of the library. If no version of




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Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Dll Files

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