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Hotel Schloss Gerzensee

Schloss Gerzensee

Schloss Gerzensee neues Schloss Studienzentrum Stiftung der Schweizerischen Nationalbank
Schloss Gerzensee neues Schloss Gerzensee Studienzentrum

In the year 1700, Samuel Morlot laid the cornerstone for the existing ‘Neuen Schloss’ of the prestigious manor house with splendid views of the Gerzensee and Bernese Alps. Thanks to its mild climate, Gerzensee has been more than just a farming village over the past century, but a popular summer holiday destination enjoyed by the Bernese aristocracy. Gerzensee has thus also come to be known as the ‘Bernese Riviera’ or the ‘Pearl of Bernerland’. Schloss Gerzensee, along with the surrounding properties, has belonged to the Swiss National Bank since 1980. The Studienzentrum Gerzensee (Study Center Gerzensee) was founded by the Swiss National Bank in 1984. The first further education course for central bankers was held just two years later in May 1986. Over the past 30 years, the Study Center Gerzensee has earned an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and abroad and not only as a ‘training ground for central bankers’.


Castle terrace


Gerzensee Naturschutzgebiet Berner Alpenkette
Gerzensee im Hintergrund die Berner Alpenkette in Wolken gehüllt

The hotel’s own lake (Gerzensee) entices visitors to swim and linger during the summer. The breathtaking view of the Bernese mountain chain, with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is impressive all year round.

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset in an indescribable atmosphere. The backdrop of sound from the surrounding nature preserve provides the perfect accompaniment.

The boathouse, surrounded by lush green lawns, offers space for festive events; whether for a reception, barbeque party or fondue evening. Are you seeking a special place for a family or company event? Are you planning a tête-à-tête, a marriage proposal or even the wedding? Pay us a visit and we will show you this idyllic location and discuss the possibilities that Hotel Schloss Gerzensee has to offer. We look forward to meeting you.

Event Tête-à-Tête gedeckter Tisch beim Bootshaus mit Blick auf den Gerzensee und die Berner Alpenkette


Hotel reception

Hotel Schloss Gerzensee gemütliche Lobby mit Cheminée
Hotel Schloss Gerzensee Rezeption Eingangsbereich neu gestaltet

The hotel foyer, reception area and lobby, and the restaurant were completely renovated at the beginning of 2016. The newly designed rooms invite you to feel at home.

The generous infrastructure includes free Wi-Fi as well as private areas for peace and quiet, or important meetings. Please let us know what you need to make your stay more comfortable – we are pleased to take the time to fulfil your wishes.

Hotel Schloss Gerzensee Eingangsbereich gemütliche stilvolle Lobby mit Cheminée rundum erneuert


At home in the heart of Switzerland

Welcome to the Pearl of Bernerland.

Gerzensee has long been known as the ‘Bernese Riviera’ due to its mild climate. Enjoy your stay in the attractive landscape on the southern slope of the Belpberg. Draw strength from nature, our castle park with garden, or along the hotel’s own lake with a boathouse. We would be honoured to design your pleasant stay with us.

Your Hotel Schloss Gerzensee team

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